Heat and UV Protection

If you live in the Las Vegas area you know that getting your vehicle tinted is a must. But with so many tint shops in Henderson, Summerlin and Las Vegas you may be wondering where to go. At Findlay Customs we only carry the best products to make sure that we can offer a Lifetime Warranty that you can count on. You’ll never have to worry about peeling film, bubbles, debris or even fading (purple) windows when you get window tint from Findlay Customs.

We searched high and low to find a window film company that could keep up with the high demands of not only our loyal clients, but the scorching heat of the Nevada desert. We found exactly what we were looking for with LLumar window films. We recommend LLumar CTX ceramic window tint and LLumar ATC carbon window tint for the best protection from harmful UV rays and heat rejection. The best defense for your vehicles interior and all the precious cargo it carries.

Want to reduce your summer time electricity bill? Looking to protect your family and the furnishing inside your home from harmful UV rays? Or maybe you just want a little more privacy. No matter the reason, our residential and commercial tinting service is a perfect solution. Benefits include added safety and security from theft, reduced heat and glare and extra protection from blocking harmful UV Light. Call today and schedule an appointment for a free quote.

Protect Your Paint

There is nothing worse than getting a rock chip or scratch in your new car. Protect your vehicle from the hazards of road with our paint protection films. We use only the industries best films from LLumar and XPEL. They offer the best clarity making nearly invisible to the naked eye and the best durability that shields your vehicle from road rash: rocks and pebbles, road debris, road salt and sand. Don’t wait till it’s too late, call today to schedule an appointment.

When choosing to have paint protection film installed on your vehicle there are varying levels of protection available. Start with the front bumper, this area takes the most abuse and should be fully protected. Then you can do partial hood and fender or for the ultimate protection do a full front end wrap. We also suggest protecting your side view mirrors, rocker panels, door handles and door edges. Protect your investment with clear bra at Findlay Customs.

Perhaps the damage is already done and repainting your vehicle isn’t in the budget, or maybe they don’t make the car of your dreams in the color you want. Our solution? Wrap it! Full vehicle wraps are and affordable way to change the appearance of your vehicle. There are many advantages to wrapping your car, many colors and styles to choose from and it acts like a protective barrier against the elements. Furthermore, it’s temporary. Come by and pick out your new look.