RV Receives Much Needed Upgrade at Findlay Customs


This week, we had the chance to work on an amazing RV project! This vehicle came in for some modern upgrades, and the team was truly able to deliver! We upgraded 2 tv areas, including the addition of a stealth mount, installed DirecTV, replaced furniture, added a tile backsplash to the kitchen, and swapped the old fridge with a brand new one! Take a look at the before and after pictures below!







In the photos above, you can see the camper in its original state. The white couches will eventually be replaced with a better unit and a TV desk, respectively. The TV above the driver area will be replaced with a built in cabinet, the fridge and bedroom TV will be modernized, and the mirrored backsplash will be rebuilt with a stone tile pattern.



The first area to tackle would be the fridge. While getting the old one out was easy, the cabinet needed to be modified to fit the new unit.

IMG_2912 IMG_2911


Next, we needed to remove the couches. In the area in the photo to the left, a cabinet will be built to act as a table and to house a television. The other side will get a new electric recliner couch.



We then removed the mirrors and prepped the wall for tile (above). Below, we removed the tv set and cleared the space for a cabinet door. IMG_2985


In the next group of photos, take a look at the final product. We love the backsplash, the new TV cabinet, and the recliner couch. We have also included a couple videos to show the steal TV and electric couch in action!







Thanks for reading! As always, stay tuned to Findlay Customs for more exciting projects!