Restoration in Las Vegas

So what exactly does it take to restore a vehicle?

It was early January 2014 when I was in the office putting together a game plan for some jobs we had coming up, when Walt & Jean walked in.

Walt had a very basic question: “How much to install a headliner in my truck”

Anyone who has worked on these trucks knows, the headliner is one of the easiest parts to install in this truck. Plus, he had it already.

“$65” I said. Just bring in the truck, and we can do it in about an hour.

Here is when things got interesting. “Well…..,  can you come to me to do it?”

Then he requested we go into my office to speak privately.

He tells a story that I hear all too often. He have been working on the truck for a number of years, and cannot get it finished. Can we help? Can we come look at the truck? Are we interested in taking on the job?
2014-02-01 12.38.54

I enlisted JJ, the body shop foreman and went on a road trip to survey Lazarus. Walt told me the interior was painted already, as well as the bed and rear fenders.  It just needed to be assembled and painted. Although he may have been right, the body work and metal work was not exactly up to par.

Day 1

In the coming weeks, I will take you on a step by step process of what it takes to restore a vehicle. In the real world. Not on TV, not in a magazine, but start to finish, how much time is involved. The amount of work it takes and the things that pop up when you think you are almost done.