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Residential Window Film

Residential Window film professionally installed by Findlay Customs provides an affordable alternative to window replacement.  If your goal is to improve comfort and energy efficiency in your home, Window Film from Findlay Customs is the answer.  In fact, the cost for quick, professional window film installation from Findlay Customs is a fraction of the cost of replacement windows!

When you treat your existing windows with solar-control film from Findlay Customs, the sun will shine in your home in a whole new way: with less heat, less glare, more comfort.

Reducing your home’s energy consumption not only saves you money, it also helps the environment. So choose LLumar…and start looking forward to a home that’s more comfortable and energy efficient.

Clear Protection, Clear Savings

Professionally applied to the interior surface of your home’s windows, optically clear solar-control film helps reduce harmful UV rays, glare and heat, but lets light in .  As a result, the temperature in your home stays comfortable – and so do your cooling bills.

More importantly, LLumar solar-control film can also lower your home’s cooling costs by an average of 40% by reducing solar heat gain.*  We know how important that can be in Southern Nevada.

If you’ve redecorated, remodeled, or otherwise updated your home, most likely you have taken great care in selecting the colors for your home.  But UV rays from the Southern Nevada sun passing through windows can cause fading and your colors may lose their once vibrant appearance.

Your new carpet and the finishes on your new cabinets, furniture, and hardwood floors can all be damaged by the Las Vegas sun. LLumar solar-control film will help protect all these surfaces, prolonging their beauty by screening out >99% of the UV rays that contribute to fading.

We love getting reviews from our customers.  Feel confident you are dealing with professionals when working with Findlay Customs.


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