Adding a Remote Ignition Starter & Keyless Entry system to your new or used vehicle may be easier than you think.   A professionally installed Remote Starter from Findlay Customs lets you start your vehicles engine from a far.  Allowing you to cool your cars interior during the brutal Las Vegas summer before entering or warm up your cars interior during the winter months.  A Keyless Entry can be another convenience added to a your vehicle by Findlay Customs.  Lock and unlock your vehicle remotely and in some instances, with your smart phone.

Remote Starter

Having your remote start installed by a professional is key when choosing the right system for you.  Especially in newer and high end vehicles, an improperly installed remote start can cause issues and potentially $1,000’s in repairs down the road.  With that being said, a properly installed remote start can be a real convenience.  Imagine its 103 degrees and you KNOW it’s going to be hot inside your car.  You have a real important Ice Cream Cake that needs to make it to a party in once piece.  Use your cars remote starter and cool of the interior before you get in, GENIUS!

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Which Remote Start Kit for you

There are a lot of different remote kits on the market to choose from.  We only use the highest quality, highly recognized brands in the industry.  All of our Remote Starters are backed by a Limited Lifetime System Warranty and can be controlled from your factory remote, a long-range aftermarket remote, or even in some installations your smart phone.

Most of our Remote Starter Kits offer the following features:

  • Remote Start
  • Keyless Entry
  • Alarm Siren
  • Diesel Engine Safe
  • OEM Remote Applications
  • Multiple Programmable Outputs

Ask about our smart phone and tablet enabled remote start systems.  Start your ignition, unlock the doors from literally anywhere with an internet connection.

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