New Sequoia branched out for new leather

We can all agree that many times we buy our cars and realize later that we should have bought the premium package or the Bose sound system or the leather interior option. Well that’s where we come in! We’ll pick up and modify anything you need, especially if that thing is a leather interior. A customer came to us with their Toyota Sequoia SUV and decided they wanted a new leather interior.


Our service writers helped them to come to a conclusion of what kit to purchase. The Katzkin leather kits are one of the best and most versatile kits. The company has many kits that also mimic factory interiors if you don’t want to deviate from the factory color scheme.


With the interior scheme being of a Dark Earth tone with black from the factory we made sure our leather kit was as close as possible so no clashing occurred.

IMG_3750[1]          IMG_3751[1]

The left seat here is the factory cloth and the seat in the background has the new kit installed.

Here it is all put together! The fresh hide smell is great and will give your car that “new car” smell all over again


If you have questions about your interior and would like information about these awesome leather kits and other interior kits give us a call, send us an email, or better yet come down to the shop and see us in person!