May is a great month to have our professionals install solar window tint to your home or business.  Summer is right around the corner and we all know the Southern Nevada heat is coming.  Save money on your cooling and heating bills with window film from Findlay Customs.

1o Windows or More Save 10% on Window Film

This month only we are offering a discount on window film installation of 10 windows or more.  Window tint helps to correct temperature imbalances in a building, improving comfort and deflecting harsh, uncomfortable glare all while maintaining the view.

We offer a “No obligation, Free estimate” on your home or business window treatments.  Call us at 702-869-0444 and schedule an appointment today.

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Conserve Energy with Window Film

Energy-saving window film professionally installed by Findlay Customs can boost the performance of nearly any glazing system, significantly reducing energy consumption and peak demand.  Solar-control window films filter out more than 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays* that can contribute to fading in fabrics, furnishings, and display merchandise.  Window tint from Findlay Customs provides an affordable alternative to replacement when your goal is to improve comfort and energy efficiency. In fact, the cost for quick, professional installation is a fraction of the cost of replacement windows!

Increase Safety and Security

Safety and security film provides a clear, powerful barrier of protection that helps hold glass in place when it shatters due to storms, earthquakes, explosions, vandalism or accidental breakage.

All films are professionally installed by Findlay Customs in accordance with factory procedures and carry a limited manufacturer’s warranty** for film and labor.

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