Findlay Customs Trailer

We have all been hard at work here at the shop and we have something very special that came in that will be great upon finish. We acquired a toy hauler type trailer recently and it was already practically done up for us.Fantasia Painting(88)

The inside is also fairly usable as well as this trailer used to be used as a clothing vendor trailer. So there’s already flooring as well as lights and countertops.


Already painted, airbrush graphics painted as well as it being cleared. Now we needed to add our own touches to the trailer to make it more associating to the shop, so we needed more of the custom airbrushing and covering up some other graphics.

WP_20151118_002Fantasia Painting(83)Fantasia Painting(85)

Now that we have the entire outside done up and finished it time to hand it over to the guys in the audio area of our shop and let them massage some great electronics in this trailer. Were going to be doing a mild sound system as well as televisions and new flooring within the interior so stay connected with us to follow the build. We’ll be posting often within the website here via the blog so also keep up on our website!

WP_20151130_010 WP_20151130_011 WP_20151130_012