Lets talk about these hot summer months that we have in Vegas. Over the last month we have been getting over 104 degrees consistently. The hotter the weather the hotter the car can get. Remember, its important to change your fluids and oil during the summer months to ensure the life of your car and so that it doesn’t over heat and cause damage to your engine block.

But you know the rest. It may be 104 outside here in the Vegas Valley but it gets up to 130 degrees inside your car. Its getting to the point that in some cars you cant even touch the steering wheel for too long.The darker the car the worse it gets because of the color of the paint can absorb the heat more or less depending on the paint color.


Findlay Customs partnered up with Compustar and  have release a few new products that you may be interested in. Compustar has designing a program which either on your smart phone or a FOB key to where you can self start your engine before you get to your car. What does that mean. Well, with this new program your can start your car remotely and even get your A/C going. Yes. That means you can start your car, have it locked and determine the temperature of your car BEFORE you even get in. No more 3rd degree burns no more 3rd degree burns from your steering wheel and you stick shift.


What I thought was really amazing about this is that there are times you have your dog in the car and you need to hop out and get gas or jump into a shop to buy something. Well, personally I don’t recommend you leaving you dog in the car, but there maybe times where you need to home out the car. This program is amazing. If you have a smart phone you can start your car up regulate the temperature and even lock your car. If your looking for something that could work with your phone or something that would help you during the summer months come into Findlay Customs and talk with a few of our Service Advisers about which Compustar remote start could work for your vehicle.

Have you ever locked your doors using your vehicle’s remote key and wondered, “Did my doors actually lock?” Even if your remote key has good range, there is no way you can be 100% sure your doors locked unless you can see or hear the vehicle.

That is where 2-way communication comes into play. 2-way remotes will not only send a command (e.g. lock or remote start) to your vehicle, but it will also confirm when that command is successful.

2-way is especially useful when remote starting your vehicle from the comfort of your home or workplace. Imagine remote starting your vehicle from your desk and receiving instant confirmation that your vehicle is warming up/cooling down: that is the power of a 2-way system!