Chevy Taskforce

The Chevy Taskforce series was the successor to the Advance series. It was a big jump in design from the Advance series as the Taskforce series featured: “New ‘wrap-around’ windshield—a truck industry first—and optional wrap-around rear window on Deluxe cabs. Power steering and power brakes became available for the first time on GM trucks. Electrical system upgraded to 12 volts. Only year for seven-foot bed length. Fenders have single headlights and one-piece emblem is mounted below horizontal line on fender.”

                p6140137                              p6140139

This Taskforce is a 1956 3100 owned by a local UFC fighter here in Vegas. The truck as you can see from here it is in dire need of restoration. We were given the go ahead to start this build and were excited to see it finally take off. We have a long road ahead of us with project as it is a full frame off restoration. As of right now the trucks cab and other various chassis parts are headed off to media blasting and the frame is being modified to accept the customizations that will be done. But we’ll save that for the next post.

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