Camaro Restoration: Working Toward Completion

This week we take a look at a 1968 Camaro Convertible that we are restoring here at Findlay Customs. Work on this job has been a long and twisted road, but we are finally starting to see some major milestones achieved, and wanted to share our progress.


This car was an absolute clunker when we got it. After months of restoration, its finally starting to look like its original self!

Recently we were able to fit attach the roof assembly and test its placement. As a part of this, we worked to adjust the windows and doors to line up perfectly with the assembled roof. In our upholstery department, we competed the fabrication of new seats, and began attaching them to their seat assemblies. Additionally, many small tweaks were made to various parts of the vehicle as we prepare to enter the final stages of this restoration. Because this car has seen so much work, we were very excited to fire up the engine this week! While each element is still a work in progress, we are extremely excited by the progress we have made on each area, and we are looking forward to competing all work soon!








In the photos above, you will see that the convertible top was in absolute disrepair. After repairing the track and shape, we were able to move on to actual placement and fitting. We also attached the remaining vinyl to complete the roof assembly.








With the top itself complete and installed, the next task was to close it up and make final fitting adjustments. After some tweaking, we are happy with the results.


Of course, there is still much to complete before we can call the job done. Once the roof was in place, we moved on to refitting the rear and side windows to fit snug. In their original placement, the windows did not make a seal with the convertible top.


It’s a bit hard to tell, but in the photos above, you can see the mismatch between the newly placed roof, and the rear and side windows.

IMG_1580 IMG_1577







No bother. Once our techs spent the time to refit the windows into place, we had it looking like a factory installation! As you can see, the rear window now sits flush against the convertible top. We are looking forward to completing this element over the next several days.

Over in our upholstery department. We completed work creating new seats for the Camaro. Not only do the new seats match the originals perfectly, ours are better quality, and hand made. In the following photos, you will see the completed materials before they are wrapped to the seats, the old and new seats side by side, and a close up examination of the old and new seats, showing the difference in quality.



Fresh off the swing table, these shells were made from scratch. We are extremely happy with the results.

Below is a close up comparison of the old and new seats. First, you will see the old seats with faux stitching and stamped leather. Next, our handmade seats using fine leather and hand stitching.

IMG_1876 IMG_1875








Finally, we are proud to present a short video we made showing the engine running for the first time: