A Work in Progress: Chevy Chevelle Restoration, Part 1

Interior, exterior, sound, engine, and lights. We touch on a little of everything throughout this exciting restoration and customization.

In part one of this multi-part series, we will take a look at some of the custom interior work being done on this classic Chevy Chevelle. From new door panels, dash, and center console, to new starter electronics and digital gear selector, we have truly gutted and rebuilt this beautiful vehicle from the ground up. As this is a work in progress, each entry to this series will not only include completed items, but they will also include real-time progress reports for what we are doing currently. We love this car, and we are truly proud to be working on it.

As it happens often with vehicle customizations, we are given a vision of what is desired, and asked to execute with the owners ideas in mind. With this Chevelle, we have been tasked with doing some really amazing stuff to make it road ready. Before we jump into the nifty electronics and upgraded toys inside, let take a look at the re-fabricated interior:

Door Panel Before Door Panel Update CroppedIMG_1149

As you can see, we have ripped out the old panels and replaced with completely original custom fabricated panels. The accent lights in the photo above run throughout the interior.    These took several weeks to perfect, but we are extremely happy with the result.

IMG_0629 IMG_0963 IMG_0659

Next up, we wanted a center console that is truly unique, but also comfortable and stylish. The result is a digital gear selector, a push button start, and a very cool, one of a kind console that stretches from the dash to the rear seats. And, of course, some trim lighting to match the new interior style of the Chevelle.

Over the next several weeks, we expect the interior to come together in a much more presentable way. While we love to show each piece as it is happening, we are very much excited to see the complete picture. Once the audio system is in place, wires set, and panels permanent, this car will be truly sweet. In Part 2, we will circle back to the interior and see the progress made over the next few weeks.

The final installation we will look at in this inaugural piece is not quite part of the interior, but plays an important part of tying everything together. Audio.

IMG_1153 IMG_1153 2

This JL Audio system is absolutely BEAST. Without any additional upgrades, this system can make any car king and is just one of the many parts of this vehicle that makes us say “wow!” Even more so is the clean install and perfect placement. Basically, we nailed it.

Ultimately, there is still much to do before you will see this monster on the road. Tune in over the next few weeks to see more updates and projects we are working on. If you want to see more cool cars and photos around the shop, be sure to check our Instagram page at this link! Thanks!