Time for a new car. What do you do? Where do you go? Two places.

  • Dealership to buy
  • Findlay Customs to make it YOURS!

Findlay Customs has build a strong relationship with this family. It all started a few years ago when they approached us, wanting their daughter to have a “Cool” first car.

We received this beautiful Bentley with it only having 67 miles on the odometer. The owner spoke with Joe to transform this car in just one week.

She requested her calipers to match her heels when she stepped out of the car. We took a quick trip to the PPG waterborn paint bank, and the match was done! To add flair to the job, we color matched the badge on the caliper and hand painted the letters back in. No detail left behind.

Wheels were no easy task either. She wanted white, so we powder coated the face to match the car, but powder coated the inside of the wheel black. It makes a statement of detail on the wheels. Only the face is white, and the rest disappears!

Full front clear paint protection was a must. we wrapped it from the bottom of the front bumper to the bottom of the windshield. No rock chips here.

Oh, and to add a bit of personal flair, The shift knob was hand done in 3 color swarovski crystals. If you look real close, you can see the drivers initial.


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